Services for Engineers

  • Evaluation and development of ideas in biomedical engineering.
    Biomedical engineering has become an exciting field for engineers, especially with recent rapid advances in both medicine and engineering. Many engineers have innovative ideas with potential for significant improvements in healthcare, and wish to know whether their ideas are practical in the medical field. Enbiomedic Inc. can help engineers evaluate their ideas, and if desired, can also work with them to further develop these ideas.
  • Educational seminars and classes on medicine or biomedical engineering.
    Engineers may desire deeper knowledge in general or specific areas of medicine in order to make better technological contributions to the medical field. Enbiomedic Inc. can design and hold seminars or classes for such engineers to help them more effectively apply their skills to medicine. Our extensive engineering background will enable us to present custom-tailored medical and biomedical engineering knowledge from a perspective that will be valuable for your projects.
  • General consultation in biomedical engineering.
    Enbiomedic Inc. also provides consultation services to engineers who are interested in learning more about medicine or biomedical engineering in general. Our goal is to deliver the knowledge at the audience's desired level of specificity and depth.


How to work with Enbiomedic

  • Question-Answer consulting sessions
    Enbiomedic Inc. offers question-answer consulting sessions where you can ask any questions or discuss any ideas you like with Dr. King-Wah Yeung (biography here), minimum half-hour session. All consultation sessions are held in strict confidentiality. Please contact Enbiomedic Inc. by email ( if you are interested in this option. If desired, clients may also continue further collaboration with Enbiomedic Inc. through the below option.
  • Project collaboration with Enbiomedic
    Enbiomedic Inc. is also available to work with engineers and on more extended projects. Please contact Enbiomedic Inc. by email ( if you are interested in this option.