Services for Physicians

  • Evaluation and development of inventive ideas.
    Many physicians have innovative ideas to solve problems encountered in practice, and desire the engineering knowledge and practical experience to evaluate the feasibility of these ideas. Enbiomedic Inc. has expertise in both medicine and engineering, and we are ideal for providing confidential consultation in the evaluation and development of technological ideas to improve healthcare.
  • Computer system and web development for clinic and office.
    With the recent widespread adoption of electronic medical records and computers in medical clinics and offices, physicans or clinic staff may desire to upgrade their computer systems or wish to solve problems encountered with their existing systems. Enbiomedic Inc. can provide computer consultation services for clinics and offices, as well as website development for clinics and offices to facilitate communication with patients.
  • General consultation in engineering and technology.
    Enbiomedic Inc. can also provide consultation to physicians who are interested in learning more about engineering, computers, or technology in general. Our goal is to deliver the knowledge at the audience's desired level of technical depth.


How to work with Enbiomedic

  • Question-Answer consulting sessions
    Enbiomedic Inc. offers question-answer consulting sessions where you can ask any questions or discuss any ideas you like with Dr. King-Wah Yeung (biography here), minimum half-hour session. This is our most popular service for physicians, and all consultation sessions are held in strict confidentiality. Please contact Enbiomedic Inc. by email ( if you are interested in this option. If desired, clients may continue further collaboration with Enbiomedic Inc. through the below option.
  • Project collaboration with Enbiomedic
    Enbiomedic Inc. is also available to work with physicians and medical institutions on more extended projects. Please contact Enbiomedic Inc. by email ( if you are interested in this option.