Services for Others

  • Evaluation of research concepts in biomedical engineering.
    Researchers in medicine or engineering who have new research concepts in biomedical engineering can benefit from Enbiomedic, Inc.'s evaluation of the feasibility of these concepts. Drawing on our significant practical experience in both engineering and medicine, we can provide constructive suggestions and identify potential pitfalls in research concepts, resulting in research plans that are both more innovative and more realistic.
  • Collaboration in performing research and development of projects in biomedical engineering.
    Enbiomedic Inc. is interested in collaborating with research organizations in conducting biomedical engineering research or development. We are knowledgeable and flexible, and can be an ideal partner in your research.


How to work with Enbiomedic

  • Question-Answer consulting sessions
    Enbiomedic Inc. offers question-answer consulting sessions where you can ask any questions or discuss any ideas you like with Dr. King-Wah Yeung (biography here), minimum half-hour session. All consultation sessions are held in strict confidentiality. Please contact Enbiomedic Inc. by email ( if you are interested in this option. If desired, clients may also continue further collaboration with Enbiomedic Inc. through the below option.
  • Project collaboration with Enbiomedic
    Enbiomedic Inc. is also available to work with researchers and organizations on more extended projects. Please contact Enbiomedic Inc. by email ( if you are interested in this option.